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Education at the Colburn

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The Curriculum Guide for Fall 2016 is available for download:

Curriculum Guide Fall 2016

The Colburn Earth Science Museum is re-branding and re-locating to the Asheville Museum of Science! AMOS is expanding from earth science into a broader science museum. We have added programming and exhibits that incorporate biology and botany (animal & plant life), and 21st century STEM skills. We are still offering our popular earth science disciplines including meteorology, geology, oceanography, and astronomy.

AMOS will offer 7 Core Courses this fall that are available in-house or as outreach programs. We will open our doors to the public October 1st, with brand new interactive exhibits, new scientific equipment, two new classrooms, an expanded education department, and teacher training/professional development.

How we educate:

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Please contact Betsie Stockslager (Education Director) for any questions or comments about our programs at: bstockslager@ashevillescience.org.