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New Membership

Dear Colburn Community,

As part of our re-branding process into the Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS), we have decided to update our membership program. We wanted our new membership program to better benefit all of our supporters by being very flexible, and also taking into account any guests that may be visiting our members. 

In our new program’s Curiosity Level, an individual, or couple, purchases a membership for a set amount of people, over the age of 3, who will be visiting the museum at one time. For all visits, a cardholder must be present, buy the remaining individuals in the group can be a combination of guests, friends, or family members of the cardholder. Children aged 3 and under are free. For those interested in becoming supporting members of the museum, we offer several levels of support, with additional benefits. Supporting members make gifts that contribute to programs, events, and exhibits that support the museum’s mission.

This year, while we re-brand into AMOS and change locations, there may be times when our current, or new museum, is not fully accessible to our members. In order to make sure that you receive your full value from your membership, we are offering current members, who purchased their memberships before April 1st, one free month added to their membership. For new memberships purchased from April 1st, 2016 through August 15th, 2016, the expiration date, for those memberships, will be August 31st, 2017. Additionally to show appreciation to our local community, we are now giving Buncombe County residents a 10% discount on our Curiosity Level memberships. 

The Colburn Staff & Board
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